Facts from beyondblue website (July 28 2011) http://www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx?link_id=4.1028

  • More than three million people in Australia experience depression, anxiety or related alcohol and drug problems each year.
  • Depression is currently the leading cause of non-fatal disability in Australia, but only three per cent of the population identifies it as a major health problem.
  • Each year, undiagnosed depression in the workplace costs $4.3 billion in lost productivity and this excludes Workcover/insurance claims, part-time or casual employees, retrenchment, recruitment and training.
  • On average, every full-time employee with untreated depression costs an organisation $9,665 per year.
  • Each employee with depression will, on average, take three to four days off work per month which is equivalent to over six million days lost each year in Australia.
  • In addition to absenteeism, depression accounts for more than 12 million days of reduced productivity each year.
  • Around half (50%) of people with depression don’t get help for it.
  • Research shows that implementation of early diagnosis and intervention programs can result in a five-fold return on investment as a result of increased employee productivity.
  • Workplace stress is a significant risk factor for developing depression.

Heath was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Men in Black Ball in mid-June 2011, an event which aims to create more awareness about men’s mental health and the fight against depression.

Funds from the Men in Black Ball went towards the not-for-profit organisation Men’s Advisory Network (MAN) which aims to improve the holistic health and well-being of all men and boys in Western Australia. A record number of people attended the Ball and Heath received a standing ovation (the first in the Ball’s-year history) for honest and raw retelling of his issues.


Heath understands the parallels between the business world and the world of competitive sports. He was subjected to daily performance critique and had to overcome anxiety associated with fear of failure. He can relate to the importance of planning, training and team work and knows success only comes before work in the dictionary.


His presentation encompasses the following topics:

  • Importance of Teamwork
  • Importance of Leadership
  • Accepting and learning from Criticism
  • Working with diverse personalities
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing
  • Overcoming life’s obstacles & recovering from rock bottom
  • How to ask for help